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Do you transfer commercial movies to DVD? 

No.  Commercial movies are copyrighted and copy protected to prevent such duplication.

Do you transfer Adult Content?

No. We do not accept adult content of any kind.

Will your DVD's play on my DVD player?

We use the most compatible DVD formats available to maximize compatibility.  However, there is no way to guarantee that your specific player is compatible.  You can request a sample DVD to determine compatibility.  However, your best bet in to purchase a more up-to-date player.  Most players currently on the market should be compatible.

How do I get my movies to you for duplication and transfer?

If you live in the Birmingham, AL metro area, we can arrange drop off or pick up service.  Otherwise, you will need to ship your movies to us.  There is an order form available for this.  Call for details 888 361-0509.

Are shipping / drop off / pick-up services included in the transfer prices?

No.  The customer is responsible for all shipping and insurance costs.  If you bring the media to us, there is no charge.  However, there will be additional charges if we pick up and/or drop off the media. This will vary depending on distance.

Do you do video editing?

Yes.  The premier transfer service provides some limited editing.  More extensive editing is available through our Customized Service.  You can check out our hourly rates or call/email us for a quote.

Can I get my video on different media other than DVD?

Yes you can.  I can digitize your movies and make them available to you in a raw or compressed format on a portable hard drive.  You can use this to edit your own movies, transfer them to a portable video player (like an IPOD), or just archive them in digital format. Please check out our Customized Service for prices.

Can you post my videos to the internet?

Yes.  I can post short, edited videos to online services such as UTube or I can provide you with your own custom built web site.  This is also available through our Customized Service.

Can I contact you with questions?

Yes. Please email or call with any of your questions.